Year in Review

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So, Happy New Year everyone,

I hope this is an amazing year for you all with many more to come.

I decided today would be a day of reflecting on my blog, so I'll just have a bunch of my favorite posts and a link to them down bellow. I'll just go month by month and pick a few of my favorites. So here we go


My first blog post:

I was pretty much obsessed with this dress, from my first official sponsor Room69. I may not blog for them anymore but O'm grateful.

Now to August, this post totally made me change my name to Arabella, ever since that I loved the name to death.

This post I still thought I had to blog everything in every color. LOL

I left SL for about a monthish for personal reasons so there isn't really a lot of posts in September, but here we go!

Ha how ironic, this is the day I came back, got right back to work and posted for Sugar and Cyanide!

Okay, October will be harder now because I posted a lot, so we'll do it like this....

Candy Post:

Pink Post:

And just a post I like in general:

November will be themed too... I like themes >.>

Collab Post:

And back to last month! Categories still sound pretty good

Fancy Pants Post:

Sassy Post:



These are not all my favorite posts, if I included them all this list would be endless. But these are a few, hope you all enjoy this! Happy New Year

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