Special Thank you

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Hello loves,

I've been feeling extra sentimental today, not too sure why but I am. I just wanted to thank everyone who's ever helped me with my blog.

 I'd like to thank Ominora for creating my lovely blog logo, and helping me create my first template. I'd like to thank my mom Gala for encouraging me and helping me start a blog. I'd like to thank all my sponsors, past, present, and future for supporting and loving my blog enough to allow me to blog for them.

And most importantly I'd like to thank everyone reading this post. If it wasn't for you clicking my blogs I wouldn't be where I am today! If you've clicked multiple times, or this is your first time, thank you. And finally I'd like to thank those who follow my blog on flickr and or my blog itself.

It makes me feel amazing knowing that people enjoy my blog and come visit it. I'm very hard on myself and it sometimes comes as a shock people enjoy my blog. I just wanted everyone to know that I am thankful for everything.

Okay I'm done being all mushy now. So have an amazing weekend and be safe


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