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So I saw someone on Facebook who did this challenge and thought it was cute. So here we go...

  1. Do you currently own a mesh body? If so, do you wear it all the time or just once in a while? If not, skip to the fourth question. – Yes I do. I own the slink body and it makes me sad when I have to take it off so I only take it off once in awhile if I really like the outfit.
  2. What is your preferred mesh body available on the market right now?– I only own the slink body so I guess that one.
  3. Have you changed your shape since you started wearing the body? – Yes, I have. Before mesh bodies, I had created a standard size small shape for myself and wore that most of the time because it was easy to wear mesh clothing with it. However, since getting the mesh body, the alpha huds have made it easier to alpha out parts of my choosing so I have made my body a bit curvier. I’ve added some fat and muscle and pumped up my chest and bottom a bit. I keep my chest on the smaller side still though because I prefer it that way and it’s also easier to fit into mesh tops as well.
  4. How do you feel about mesh bodies in general? – I love them. I'd always run out of outfits so now I don't have to chose because they come with alphas. Also when limbs are bent they don't look as fake or stretched as the default avatar.
  5. What is one thing you would request from designers when it comes to mesh bodies? – To make sure most of their items can be used for appliers. They can still be used with default of course but it's so much easier to just have to hide certain parts and go. Or a universal applier for people with more than one body.
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